The Rules

Rule 1: I Make the Rules

The Internet Meme Demolition Derby is private property. I’m actually paying money for this site, money I am essentially setting on fire for the time being. One of the things that buys me though is control. I decide what is appropriate here. Violating the rules gets you one warning if I’m feeling generous. Commenting here or on my Facebook Page is a privilege. Piss me off and it’s out the airlock.

Rule 2: Be Excellent to Each Other

I don’t believe in Civility. Calls for civility are almost always directed at the powerless from the powerful and what is or isn’t civil is almost always determined by the powerful.

That being said I do expect folks to at least attempt to be generous with each other and myself in the comments section. That means one should refrain from needless personal attacks. I say “needless” because sometimes it is appropriate to instruct a particularly annoying commenter on how exactly to go fuck themselves. In such cases one should try and be succinct and on point. Don’t drag things out.

Rule 3: Watch Your Language

The Internet Meme Demolition Derby will not tolerate the use of slurs aimed at ethnic, religious or national origin. This covers most of the big ones, the N-word and it’s ilk, but always be on the lookout, I didn’t realize that Gypsy was considered a slur until an actual Roma explained it to me. We also don’t tolerate slurs aimed at a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Please also refrain from using any word with the -tard suffix, except for certain articles of clothing. Unless I get a really good explanation this kind of language is a one way ticket to hard vacuum.

TERF isn’t a Slur.

Rule 3.1: Ableist Language as Insults

There are lots of smart folks that I love who believe in completely removing ableist language from our vocabulary. And I absolutely respect them when I am commenting in their space or when conversing with them. Orbit Blogger Ania makes what I consider the definitive case for refraining from using ableist language to insult or describe people. Please read her work and consider it in your own writing. I have certainly become more circumspect in how I use such language.

However I am not eliminationist on the subject. As opposed to the language in Rule 3, words that have no common usage other than harm, there are plenty of common words with both ableist and innocuous utility. So I am not going to treat “crazy,” “stupid,” and such the same way I treat obvious slurs. What I will do is ask that commenters here not direct such language at others, either in conversation here or as subjects of discussion.

My personal policy is that I am happy to be more circumspect with my use of such language because I believe that I’m often more precise in my critique. Calling Donald Trump crazy is actually kind of a copout, because mental illness is something we can treat. We have yet to find a cure for being a massive dill hole.

On the other hand I don’t think it’s the end of the world if we call the end of the week 15 Patriots vs Dolphins game a “crazy play.” Maybe that will change over time, but for now that’s where I stand on the issue.

Rule 4: Closing Comments

If I blow the whistle, that means get out of the pool. I’d rather not shutdown comments on a thread if it’s lively. So if I tell you to take it elsewhere do so. Know where your towel is.

Rule 5: Common Annoying Internet Behavior

Please refrain from the following…

Rule 6: No Proselytizing

The Internet Meme Demolition Derby is an explicitly non-religious space. I talk about Atheism here. Do not come here and attempt to change mine or anyone else mind on the subject. Believers are certainly welcome to comment, just no conversion attempts please.

Thanks for reading. Remember the most important rule is Rule One.

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