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  • Throwback Thursday: Quoting Awful People

    Throwback Thursday: Quoting Awful People

    This week for the Throwback I’d like to send you deep tom catch this 2014 gem that I really enjoyed writing. This Derby is not only a remonstration against weaponizing perceived intelligence when such is a very slippery target, but how you should also undertake due diligence to identify who you are quoting. Because you […]


  • Throwback Thursday: Let me do my Job

    Today’s Throwback is back to the long ago year 2014. And the anecdote it refers to is from 2011! It’s all about how being a Stay at Home Dad was made extra stressful by the insistence on treating caregiving Moms more respect than caregiving Dad’s. Just let me do my job people… Let me set […]

  • Throwback Thursday: “My Parents Spanked Me As a Child Edition

    Besides vaccination, I don’t think there was a single issue we considered more settled than the question of corporal punishment. This was one of the first IMDD’s I did on the subject, and I’m pleased to report that the overwhelming majority of our readers were supportive of our ant-spanking stance. This is also where I […]

  • Throwback Thursday: Whisper Networks

    Throwback Thursday, a look at whisper networks from the Queersplaining podcast, and my own thoughts from last spring

  • Throwback Thursday: Ten Rules for Dating My Daughter

    To celebrate the internet tradition of Throwback Thursday, I am going to use this space to link back to a piece of writing I’m especially proud of. Today I’d like to take us back to the winter of 2013 as I fumbled for a framing device to use when writing about the toxic stew of […]