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  • Wednesday Webcomic: Poorly Drawn Lines

    Reza Farazmand draws comics and writes things. Those things are funny. That’s all you really need to know.

  • Wednesday Webcomic: The Order of the Stick

    Debuting in 2003 as a way for  Rich Burlew to drive traffic to his RPG resources site Giant in the Playground Games,  The Order of the Stick is one of the longest continuously running comics on the web, clocking in at issue #1151 as of this writing. What started as an excuse to crack wise about RPG […]


  • Wednesday Webcomic: Galena

    I love Webcomics. As a lifelong reader of both superhero stories, graphic novels and the daily funny pages I could easily lose whole days to binging a new find. The same freedom that the Internet provides me to inexpensively get up on my soapbox and howl at the moon has allowed a new generation of […]