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  • White People and Racial Illiteracy

    One of the most striking moments of the Micheal Cohen testimony was actually completely tangential to the various misdeeds Cohen laid at the feet of his long time employer, real estate mogul, business criminal, and 45th President of the United States Donald Trump. To tell the truth most of the revelations were fairly pedestrian to […]


  • Monday Muse: The Blues are Still Blue

    Well there went my first entirely dark week here. I suppose that was inevitable. I’m dealing with some stuff that needs dealt with. The schedule isn’t meant to be a straightjacket anyhow, just an outline. Hopefully I’ll be back on the horse ASAP. In the meanwhile here’s the kids from Colegio La Huerta de Santa […]

  • Fiction Friday: SF/F Movies We Need More than Another Dune Movie

    It’s too late to stop Blade Runner 2049  director  Denis Villeneuve’s  adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune. The project already has Dave Bautista, James Brolin, Jason Mamoa and many other big sweaty Hollywood stars attached. Considering the Canadian’s resume it will probably even be really good, I’ll definitely go see it. But to be completely honest, […]

  • The Friday Files: Shutdown Follies

    So the longest government shutdown in United States history came to an end this afternoon, when the pressure on air traffic controllers working without pay started to cause delays up and down the eastern seaboard. And that was only the most acute of the symptoms the government shutdown has inflicted on the nation. Federal employees […]

  • Looking Ahead/Behind

    Well that was a fun first week in the new digs. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll have noticed the alliterative weekday schedule of daily topics. It’s a good way to keep me on a daily writing schedule and also allows me to set up a few posts ahead of time in case I’m out […]