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  • Monday Muse: Tallest Man on Earth Live at The Madison

    The Girl and I got a special treat last week, we got to see one of our favorite artists perform at the Madison Theatre in Covington. The Tallest Man on Earth, the stage name of Swedish folkster Kristian Matsson, writes deliciously Dylonesque songs about love and loss. He’s a delightful poet and an incredibly fun […]


  • Monday Muse: God is a Bullet

    As Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand, grieved after attacks on two mosques killed at least 50 people and injured dozens more, several charities sought donations to help the wounded and the victims’ families rebuild their lives.Donors can research the organization or charity before offering help by checking the website Charity Navigator, which grades charities based on […]

  • Monday Muse: Thick as a Brick

    It’s March, spring is in the air and 47 years ago Jethro Tull birthed into the world the epic album Thick as a Brick. Ian Anderson was actually kind off miffed that the bands previous venture, Tull’s most recognizable album Aqualung was described as a “concept album”. Anderson hadn’t planned it that way at all […]

  • Monday Muse: 9 to 5

    The Schmoo, my musical theatre obsessed NB-Teen has been taking lessons at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. One of the numbers that they will be doing a solo in at the end of the session will be from the Broadway adaptation of 9 to 5.  This tickles me pink because I love the original […]

  • Monday Muse: Minstrel in the Gallery

    If I had to pick one Jethro Tull album for my desert island this would be it. So I thought I’d throw it up there to celebrate almost a month of the new blog. And yes I know it’s late. Things are actually proceeding pretty much as I planned. After an initial burst of enthusiasm […]

  • Monday Muse: Pancho and Lefty

    Sometimes it’s lonely being the only country music listener at the table. During a lull in last nights D&D game we indulged in a philosophical digression whilst the DM scanned the module we were battling, like you do. We were discussing religion, specifically the more toxic forms of Christianity and their doctrine of Hell. And […]

  • Monday Muse: First Aid Kit sing to Emmylou

    I don’t remember where I first heard sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg, better known as the Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit. It may have been on NPR’s All Songs Considered, way back in 2011. But I know that this song from their 2012 album Lion’s Roar is the one that cemented their place in […]

  • Monday Muse: Sick Burn of the Year Edition

    “You mean you used to listen to this un-ironically?”

  • Monday Muse: Astronomy

    As I have meandered down the road we all tred towards rigor mortis, I find myself trying, within the bounds of reason, to be less judgmental about the music I don’t like. I’ve even taken a second look at stuff that younger me hated and learned to like it. But sometimes something is shit, and […]