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  • Tortured Shakespeare Analogy: To Be or Not To Be a Dragon

    So HBO’s adaptation of George RR Martin’s fantasy epic A Game of Thrones has finally come to an end in a rushed, haphazard final season that didn’t seem to please anybody. Now I have neither the time or inclination to dive into the details of what went wrong/right, plenty of other places to get that […]


  • Instead of Dune: The Warrior’s Apprentice or Trading in Danger

    Military Science Fiction as a genre hasn’t been treated well by the big screen. Robert A. Heinlein‘s Starship Troopers (1959,) and Gordon Dickson‘s Dorsai (1960,) were the seminal works that established the sub-genre, and the only real attempt to translate the style to the big screen, 1997’s adaptation of Heinlein; Starship Troopers (and its associated sequels,) largely failed to […]

  • Friday Fiction: John Varley’s Titan, Wizard, and Demon

    One of the great things that happens when a SF/F classic is adapted to the big or small screens is that there is a renewed interest in their works. Sales of JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth stories skyrocketed when Peter Jackson finally brought The Lord of the Rings to cinemas, a book a lot of folks […]