Looking Ahead/Behind

Well that was a fun first week in the new digs. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll have noticed the alliterative weekday schedule of daily topics. It’s a good way to keep me on a daily writing schedule and also allows me to set up a few posts ahead of time in case I’m out of range for a couple of days.

Looking ahead to this week we’ll be previewing Thursday’s Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 kickoff, looking at another cool webcomic and hopefully finishing up part two of The Origin of Specious for the end of the week Big Idea. I also hope to finish polishing the trim around here, making it all pretty for y’all. And I have a story for the Short Stuff Writing Project, the second installment of my stories about two Starfleet cadets, Shas Irralla, earnest Andorian striver, and Fairlane Fairbanks, her odd Human roommate. This story should fulfill at least four of the prompts I’ve missed and will explain why Fairlane is a bit off a hick.

I’m serious about how much staying on a daily writing schedule has helped me. The MacBook Pro makes it so a lot easier as well. But I definitely want to give credit to my friend and fellow Grounded Parent alumnus Chris Brecheen, who blogs at Writing about Writing (and Occasionally Some Writing.) He bangs the drum on daily writing as the best way to become a better and/or paid writer and now that I see some results I’m convinced.

If you are in the Queen City tonight, I’ll be at Listermann Brewing Company for The List, Bomb’s Away Comedy’s Open Mic, telling the joke things.

Have a nice week everybody!


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