Welcome to the Derby

Hi there everyone. I’m Lou and this is my new blog! I know starting a new blog in 2019 is kind of anticlimactic. I’m sure kids these days are doing a a thing where they just share thoughts with each other directly through the brainstem or something we never imagined. Well when I was little the something I never imagined was the ability to send your thoughts out into the world to share with the universe on the magic device in their pocket so I’ll take what I can get.

Discounting aborted attempts at photo and RPG blogs this will be my second solo blog. I started Raising Hellions in the Fall of 2009. A classic Dad Blog, Raising Hellions started as a way to process being a Stay at Home Dad taking care of three little ones while The Girl pursued her career. I met some great folks through the Dad Bloggers community and the National Stay at Home Dad Network.

But even before that blogging has been a part of my internet experience since practically the beginning. I have been lucky to be welcomed into the comment sections of some great communities, Freethought Blogs, Patheos Nonreligious, The Orbit, Slacktivist (the smartest Christian blogger I know,)  but most especially Rebecca Watson and The Skepchick Network. When the network launched it’s secular parenting wing at Grounded Parents in 2013 I was ready. My elevation tom D-List Atheist Celebrity was complete.

I’m not leaving Grounded Parents, but I’m simply not as immersed in that aspect of parenting anymore. The Hellions are turning into teens and a lot of the Secular Parenting issues I’ve written about in the past aren’t part of my daily internet life anymore.

Dawkins being memed

I started writing the Internet Meme Demolition Derby as a reaction to the way terrible parenting advice or news was reported and shared on social media. It’s some of the best writing I’ve ever done so when I decided that I wanted a new blog, the name just felt right. I plan to do similar meme related teardowns here, just on a much broader range of topics.

So welcome to the my new front door on the internet. Check out The Rules before commenting please and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

Thanks, Lou.


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