Monday Muse: 2018 Favorites

2018 may have been a bit of a crap year, but I picked up some great music anyways. Here are my three favorites of 2018…

Last Man Standing, Willie Nelson

I grew up with country music. Dad was the news director at WUBE and our radio was always tuned to 105 FM. So even though it’s never been cool, I will always have a soft spot for the kind of smart ass honkey tonk vibe that Willie taps into here. The title track sets the mood for a romp through the country legend’s life as the 85 year old watches his fellow outlaws shuffle off the stage, wondering who’s next and will he be ready when his time comes up.

Love in Wartime, Birds of Chicago

We discovered Birds of Chicago at the first Nowhere Else Festival, a yearly shindig at a farm that Linford and Karin of Over the Rhine have turned into a musical Mecca of sorts. They just blew me away with an energetic mixture of roots, soul, gospel and rock. Love in Wartime continues to please the ears and feed the soul.

All that Reckoning, Cowboy Junkies

On All that Reckoning, Alan Anton and the Timmins clan; Margo Micheal and Peter, manage to craft an album that calls your mind back to 90’s college radio crackling through the ether to the stereo of your 5th hand car as you pick your way home in the dead of night down lonesome roads past quiet farms and abandoned quarries with the windows down to clear the heavy hot summer air as you pray the fumes in your tank get you home before the sun comes up…
Seriously… that’s what it’s like.


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